Facilitating staff voice

Giving people a platform

What is it?

Staff voice is the various forms of two-way communication between the organisation and staff in the workplace. It can be focused on accessing staff views, involving staff in decision making, resolving differences of opinion or gaining access to the knowledge and expertise of the workforce. Voice is about sharing information with staff, encouraging them to express opinions on decisions that affect them and making sure their views are listened to.

Managers can use a range of channels to directly tap into staff ideas and opinions to improve work processes. These can be formal or informal.

This is an exercise to understand how you currently facilitate staff voice – planned or unplanned and how further improvements could be made.

How to do it

Review how this currently takes place within your business or department and then decide what actions are required to improve staff voice. Consider the following areas:

  • The variety of channels
  • Getting manager buy in
  • Feeding back to staff
  • Acting on issues raised

What are the outcomes?

A list of actions to improve staff voice.