Pesce in carpione

An Italian classic!

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  • 17 Jun

    Recipe: pesce in carpione

    Pesce in carpione is a classic Italian dish and it’s a great way to cook, pickle and preserve fish with some lovely flavours. It’s great as a starter or a main and is traditionally served chilled.

    We’ve created this recipe as part of our Cool Food project to help people make simple changes to their lives and reduce the amount of carbon in their diets.

    Could you take the Cool Food challenge and cut carbon, while saving the planet and your diet?


    Serves 2
    Assembled in 15 minutes
    •  2 fillets of Cornish mackerel (or any local fish)
    •  1 large red onion
    •  2 cloves of garlic
    •  1 stick of celery
    •  3 tbsp of capers
    •  6/10 black olives
    •  1 large carrot



    •  1 small bunch of parsley
    •  1 small bunch of mint
    •  2 tbsp of caster sugar
    •  50g flour
    •  200ml good quality red wine vinegar
    •  100ml water
    • Start by seasoning the fish with salt and pepper and coat the skin side in flour.
    • Get a pan with a touch of olive oil to a high heat and place the fish skin-side down into the pan.
    • Cook it on the skin side until its 90% cooked through then turn it into a deep dish-skin side up.
    • For the pickling liquor put the red wine vinegar, water and sugar into a pan. Once boiling put on a slow simmer.
    • For the veggies, slice the red onion, shave the carrot with a peeler, chop the garlic and slice the celery.
    • Take the pickling liquor off of the heat.
    • Put all the veggies into the pickling liqueur with the capers and olives, leave them to sit in the hot liquid for five minutes.
    • Lastly, pour the veggies and liquor all over the fish and then throw the herbs all over it.
    • Leave to cool and serve. Delicious!