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There are lots of inspiring activities taking place in Newquay for you to get involved with.

See what’s going on at Newquay Community Orchard, join a cooking club or volunteer in the local area.

Whatever you’re interested in, whether it’s starting a career in the food industry, learning practical cooking skills or making new friends in your community, we’ve got it covered!


Newquay Community Orchard is a beautiful space where people can come together to work, rest and play. Volunteer at the orchard on a regular basis and attend exciting one-off events too.

A GrowWorks participant holding a handful of Brussels Sprouts.
FoodWorks participants cooking a vegetable soup.


Take part in our six-part FoodWorks cooking course, where you can learn to make tasty, healthy food on a budget.

Join our friendly, informal Thursday lunch sessions at The Newquay Centre and our fortnightly Friday breakfast club at Newquay Community Orchard.


Get information on the latest volunteering opportunities in Newquay with Volunteer Cornwall.

We also have exciting trading opportunities, such as barista training, based in Newquay.

A barista at Fifteen Cornwall pouring frothed milk into a coffee mug.
A young man sat at a table making a wreath.


Get one-to-one support to reach your goals and have informal meet-ups with other people in your community with us and Newquay Community Orchard.

We’ve also got exciting taster days to give you a flavour of working in the food industry and special events like foraging and feasting sessions.

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