Cut carbon and help the planet with Cool Food.

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Did you know that food makes up a fifth of our carbon output?

If we want to lower our carbon emissions, then food is an issue that we need to tackle.

By making small changes to our diets, we can make a big impact. Make a Cool Food Commitment today and see how you could not only help the planet, but your wallet too!

Meat consumption

By having just one less meal including meat a day, you could cut down on around 38kg of carbon every month.

Over the course of a year, that amounts to 456kg of carbon – the equivalent of driving 1,580 miles!

Food waste

In the UK we waste an estimated 7 million tonnes of food each year – causing around 19 million tonnes of carbon and other greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere unnecessarily.

By wasting less food, each household could help save the planet and save around £470 every year!

About Cool Food

Cool Food has been created by Al’Terre Breizh, the Peterborough Environment City Trust and the Cornwall Food Foundation as part of the Interreg France (Channel) England 2014-2020 programme.

The European Union has provided the Cornwall Food Foundation with €85,144 of financial support towards the project.

Interreg Europe helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy.

By providing an environment where there are opportunities to collaborate and develop creative solutions, Interreg aims to ensure that government investment, innovation and implementation efforts all lead to integrated and sustainable impact for people and places.

Harnessing the knowledge of experts in food, nutrition and the environment, Cool Food works by showing individuals, communities and organisations the real-time impact they can have by working together to reduce carbon emissions.