Green shakshuka on a wooden chopping board.

Interested in becoming a food photographer?

James Ram shares his professional insights on food photography.

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  • 20 Sep

    An introduction to Food Photography

    We work closely with the Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) to deliver Game Changer, a programme designed to help young people aged 15 to 24 to develop new skills and get back into employment or education.

    On Wednesday 21 August, local photographer, James Chetwode Ram, hosted a Game Changer workshop on the fundamentals of food photography.

    Making food look appetising is not as simple as just photographing your plate. There are a number of tricks that a photographer can use to really enhance their subject.

    James’s Top Tips

    James has compiled his best photography tricks, tips, and techniques to nudge you in the right direction.

    The photographs below were captured on the day by workshop participants using smartphone cameras!


    Natural light does not like competition. When shooting indoors, turn off all electric lights.

    Using curtains or blinds can also help you to diffuse harsh light. If the sun is shining too brightly into a room it can blow out your photo. Pulling the curtains will help to soften the light and improve exposure.

    Green shakshuka on a wooden chopping board.
    A Game Changer participant taking a photograph of beef noodle salad.

    Alter your angle

    Instead of shooting something face on, experiment by shooting it from different angles.

    Focus on detail

    Don’t take endless photographs of the same thing; look for details that may be more powerful and atmospheric and don’t be afraid to zoom.

    Use props

    Props help add character and interest to a photo. Experiment with different bowls, plates, cutlery and canvases.

    Dissect your subject

    When photographing food, experiment with the food items, chop the onion in half or shave the cheese onto the canvas.

    Rosemary, garlic an red chilli.
    Taster Days

    If you are aged 15 or older and are currently out of work or education, we offer a number of unique taster days and work experience placements to transform your job prospects and get you ready for employment.