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2 Jul

Mental health and wellbeing in the food industry

Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream

The event

Mental health issues affect one in four people every year. Without support, mental health issues can affect productivity and lead to long-term absences. But, employers can help to promote good mental health in their workplaces and help staff to manage their mental health issues.

At the Cornwall Food Foundation, we’re committed to working with local food and drink businesses to ensure they have the skilled workforce they need to innovate and make the most of growth opportunities. So, we’ve organised this free event as part of our Experts Grow programme to show you how you can spot early signs of mental health issues, provide support to your employees and promote a good work-life balance in your business.

The event will take place at Rodda’s Creamery in Scorrier, where they will showcase the work they do to support good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. We’ll also be joined by a range of other organisations, who will talk about spotting and addressing sources of stress in the workplace, as well as using innovative ways to support people.

We’ll also show you how Experts Grow can help to create placements and jobs for people with different abilities, using a voucher scheme to contribute to your staff time.

The event takes place from 10am – 1pm and is free. Refreshments will also be provided.


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