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  • 16 Aug

    Cool new cooking workshops on offer

    We are offering a tempting selection of free workshops this September for anyone interested in following an environmentally-friendly diet.

    The workshops will show you how to make flavoursome vegetarian dishes, give tips on the best ways to use local, seasonal produce and how to make the most of leftovers.

    Each event will include an inspiring talk from a different speaker on ways in which you can make a difference to the environment through their diet.

    Monday 2 September

    The workshops will kick off on Monday, September 2 with a workshop on homemade yoghurt, infused water recipes and a talk from Matthew Thomson, CEO of Cornwall Food Foundation and Managing Director of Fifteen Cornwall on the importance of environmentally-friendly food.

    Monday 9 September

    On Monday, 9 September, people can learn how to make the ultimate green super-food soup, packed with nutritious barley and oats. They will also be able to hear from Rachel Bice, Head of Environmental Growth and Partnerships at Cornwall Council, and the couple behind Incredible Bulk – Cornwall’s zero-waste mobile shop.

    Monday 16 September

    The events will be rounded off by a workshop on Monday, 16 September, where the team from Cornwall Food Foundation will be demonstrating how to make a range of delicious fermented pickles, krauts and condiments. The father and daughter duo from The Beach Guardian will also be there to talk about their work in communities across Cornwall to rid beaches and rivers of plastic pollution.

    Each workshop runs from 12pm to 2pm and is completely free to attend.

    Cool Food

    The workshops are part of the Cool Food campaign, which encourages people to make small changes to their shopping and eating habits in order to cut carbon emissions and help the planet. Better still, by making these small changes, people can end up eating healthier diets, saving money and supporting local benefits.

    The Cool Food campaign aims to help at least 1,300 households in the UK and France to make a 20% reduction in their carbon emissions over the course of two years. This could save a massive 153 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the amount of carbon it would take to drive to the moon and back.