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  • 18 Jul

    Smashing food waste with Incredible Bulk

    This month is Plastic Free July, where millions of people around the globe take the challenge to refuse single-use plastics.

    The aim is to see a world without plastic, and to keep our streets, oceans and communities beautiful.

    Last year, 120 million people took part in the challenge and helped to save a staggering 490 million kg of plastic waste.

    We’ve made one incredible change to help us cut down on our single-use plastic consumption.


    Cutting down

    Our Community Food Team goes through a lot of food during our FoodWorks cooking courses, and that can mean a lot of packaging.

    So, we’ve teamed up with Incredible Bulk – Cornwall’s mobile zero-waste shop, to supply us with a range of natural, nutritious ingredients.

    Stocking up

    Visiting more than 20 locations around Cornwall, Incredible Bulk sells loose, package-free food, along with cleaning products and toiletries from its environmentally-friendly van.

    People can fill up on everything from rice, pasta and spices to shampoo, washing-up liquid and bamboo toothbrushes.

    Buying local

    We’re really pleased to not only be cutting down on waste, but supporting a local business too!

    You can also buy your shopping from Incredible Bulk. Visit the Old Bakery Studios from 11am – 12:30pm on the fourth Tuesday of every month, or visit the website for full details of other locations.