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Make Food work for you

Buy one of our FoodWorks courses, and we will deliver our unique blend of practical skills, invaluable knowledge and support to your community.

We’ve perfected a winning combination of tasty recipes, nutrition and budgeting advice, along with basic kitchen skills to help people transform their lives.

Our fun, friendly six-part sessions can be held over the course of six weeks or in a timeframe to suit you.

Whether it’s building confidence, forging new friendships, moving on to education and employment or simply becoming a more active member of a community, FoodWorks really does work.


“I actually think this is the best contact I’ve had from the food bank. FoodWorks has changed how me and my son eat.

“We now have food competitions and we also go out and around Truro to forage together.”

Sarah, FoodWorks Truro

Why choose FoodWorks?

FoodWorks can create massive changes for the people who take part.

Personal development

FoodWorks offers people a friendly, relaxed environment in which to interact socially. It helps to increase personal resilience, self-esteem and confidence. This leads to more motivation and raised aspirations in all areas of life.

Healthier eating

Participants get to increase their cooking confidence through learning basic cooking skills and knowledge. Throughout the course, they are shown how to budget effectively and be resourceful with ingredients. They are also encouraged to make healthier diet choices and to become more active.


The course offers people the opportunity to increase their communications, teamwork and negotiation skills by learning to take and follow instructions. It also helps to improve people’s confidence in basic literacy and numeracy skills by following recipes.

What’s provided?

  • Nutrition, kitchen skills and healthy food choice training from an experienced FoodWorks trainer.
  • Food hygiene and health and safety introduction. 
  • A full set of recipes, including all recipes covered in the course and other related recipes.
  • Completion certificate and reference for each participant. 
  • Ingredients for up to 12 participants. 
  • Essential cooking and kitchen equipment including induction cooking hobs. 
  • Evaluation Report to include an overview of course content, assessment of each participants attendance and progress.

Get in touch


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Ring 01872 277150 or email [email protected]

Who is it for?

It is designed for people who are facing particular challenges in life, such as:

  • Long-term unemployment and economically inactive. 
  • Not in employment education or training (NEET). 
  • Those at risk of becoming NEET. 
  • Homeless people or those at risk of homelessness. 
  • People with complex learning needs. 
  • People with disabilities. 
  • Older people.  
  • People in recovery from substance abuse. 
  • Those identified as vulnerable. 
  • Former military personnel. 
  • Single parents. 
  • Supported housing. 
  • People working within social support and/or as carers. 
  • People suffering from obesity and diet-related diseases.