FoodWorks is a community cooking programme teaching people how to cook fresh, affordable and nutritious food from scratch.

The programme focuses on the whole person, integrating both practical training with personal development support to achieve healthier eating habits, personal development and improved employability.

Food is a key building block for positive family relationships, personal health and wellbeing as well as forming social connections. Food acts as a vehicle to engage people, it brings people together and creates the perfect environment to approach an individual’s barriers to progression in life, whether personal, employment or health based.


What we deliver

The full program is 30 hours, the number of sessions and timeframe can be tailored to suit the target audience.

Participants learn fundamental kitchen skills, tasty and achievable recipes and how to make healthy food choices in a fun and relaxing environment. The programme is wholly aligned with Jamie Oliver’s food ethos and principles.

An experienced support worker sits alongside the group to understand individual needs and provide 1-2-1 support to help individuals set goals for their personal development.



How you can book

We can tailor the programme to a wide range of needs. If you have a group you think would benefit from the programme, please get in touch by emailing