FoodWorks for Health – Eating well to Manage Diabetes

This a course and collaboration between Newquay Medical Centre and Cornwall Food Foundation to help patients with diabetes to overcome their barriers to healthy eating.

After completing the programme participants will have the tools, knowledge, motivation and support to reduce identified dietary risk factors affecting them through improved cooking and eating behaviours. They will also have improved self-esteem and increased confidence sufficient to confront issues that they may have been avoiding.

What we deliver

Through practical activities, demonstrations, personal development support and group discussions the programme elements are delivered;

  • Hands on cookery workshops to equip clients (patients) with the necessary skills & knowledge to be able to cook simple, balanced meals from scratch, eliminating the need for high fat, sugar & salt processed alternatives.
  • Food & lifestyle education covering: balanced nutrition messages, packaging & labelling, smart shopping, hydration & exercise gives patients the necessary knowledge to be able to make informed choices.
  • Exploration of deep seated factors affecting the psychology of personal food choice, challenge people’s beliefs about their current diet; identifying key elements of a personal action plan (short, medium and long term goals)
  • Building motivation and commitment to tackle behaviours such as mindless eating to achieve a healthier relationship with food and a happier more fulfilled life.
  • Nudge-support after workshop completion –capture more data; provide more encouragement

To measure the impact of the programme participants will be evaluated at the beginning and on an ongoing basis via questionnaires and medical data.

How you can book

This programme has been tailored the specific needs of people suffering with diabetes. We can tailor it to a wide range of other needs. If you have a group you think would benefit from the programme, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]