Food for Change


Partner Map

Food for Change is an initiative of the Cornwall Food Foundation working in partnership to drive systemic change in Cornwall’s food system. It is a £1.3 million programme to be part funded by European Social Fund.

Food for Change will build four local food partnerships in Redruth, Truro, St Austell and Newquay. These partnerships will enable people who use foodbanks, mental health services and community centres to get more involved in the Cornish economy.

The Food for Change partnership will foster new ways of working and effect lasting change in local community infrastructure and will enable 278 participants to progress into, or closer to, work.

Food for Change partner organisations are Urban Biodiversity CIC (Newquay Orchard) , Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change, Transformation Cornwall, People and Gardens, St Austell Community Kitchen (STAK), Volunteer Cornwall, Young People Cornwall, Chaos CIC, Transformation Camborne Pool Redruth, St Austell Foodbank (Light and Life) and Truro Foodbank.

How we will do it

The individual progression and employment results required by the operational programme will be delivered through practical, sensitive, solution-based packages.

Four Food Disciplines

  • Think Food: nutritional awareness, food budgeting, food provenance and sustainability
  • Grow Food: horticulture skills; planting, cultivation and harvest; seasons and climate in Cornwall
  • Cook Food: knife skills, food safety & hygiene, ten survival recipes
  • Trade Food: making money from food; basic accounting & marketing know-how relevant to the community setting and context

Four Change Activities

  • Food-based training
  • Purposeful social activity
  • Volunteering and work experience
  • Integrated personal support


How we will achieve social innovation

  1. coordinating and connecting disparate community relief and development activities, fostering new collaborative practices to support participant progression
  2. building lasting community capacity by strengthening community collaboration (including foodbanks and churches)
  3. introducing new co-designed user-centred services to enable better mainstream commissioning of person-centred progression activities


How we will test for transformation

Active research and design pre-, during and post- service-delivery will define and test theories of change, evidence frameworks and transformative processes at two levels:

  • personal transformation (health & employability) and
  • systemic transformation (resilience & service optimisation)

The research and design activities will involve community organisations, service users, the university team and service commissioners.  Embedding the learning generated within the local Food for Change partnerships and using it to influence future service commissioning is key to the fulfilment of the innovation objectives of the ESF Future Peninsula call.

The project is due to start in January 2017. If you are interested in working with us please click here. If you have any questions please email [email protected]